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Marine Door System

Marine Door System

B-15 Class Fireproof cabin door (Trunk type frame)

Description Single blade / Double blade
Door blade 0.6mm PVC-laminated or baked enamel paint galvanized steel sheet with protective foil
Edges protected with laminated profile or other material
Frame 1.6mm steel, Stainless steel sill coverplate, Gaskets
Baked enamel paint
Thickness of blade 38mm
Frame prepared for wall thickness Lining depth


Communication System

We supply ship-to-shore, ship-to-ship, ship-to-air communication solutions for use onboard ships and oil rigs, as well as GMDSS and safety equipment.

We offers :

  • Project Management and System Engineering
  • System Cabling Plan
  • System Integration
  • System Design, Configuration and proof of Concept
  • Software Configuration and Customization
  • Setting to Work, Concept Rectification
  • Factory Acceptance Test
  • Ship Cable Termination and Connector Fitting
  • Onboard System Integration
  • Onboard Setting to Work
  • Harbor Acceptance Test
  • Sea Acceptance Trials


Ceiling Panel

Ceiling Panel

Standard Ceiling Panel System

Description C-511 / C-512 (In ship) C-520
Thickness 25mm 25mm
Fire Class B-0 B-0
Dimension Standard width : 300mm, Maximum length : 5000mm
Weight 7.5kg/m2 6.3kg/m2
Sound reduction STC 40 dB / STC 43 dB STC 47 dB
Thermal transmittance 1.25kcal/m2h°C 1.25kcal/m2h°C
Core material Mineral wool
Surface finish 0.6mm thickness galvanized steel sheet finished with decorative material
Tolerance Width ±0.5mm, Length ±1mm, Thickness ±0.5mm, Rectangularity ±1mm


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